swMATH ID: 5905
Software Authors: Nathanael Schaeffer
Description: SHTns is a high-performance Spherical Harmonic Transform library. It was designed for numerical simulation (fluid flows, mhd, etc.) in spherical geometries, but can be used for any kind of problem involving scalar or vector spherical harmonics. It is very fast, thanks to careful vectorization and runtime tuning. It supports multi-threaded transforms via OpenMP. It features scalar and vector transforms, synthesis and analysis, and flexible truncation and normalization. A Python interface is included.
Homepage: http://freecode.com/urls/327bb6f197b87bf3a967b5d8bb1cf0ba
Programming Languages: C, SWIG, OpenMP, sse2, avx, Python
Keywords: Scientific/Engineering; Mathematics; Software Development; Libraries
Related Software: FFTW; pySDC; chammp; DLMF; PARDISO; pizza; Fluidity; petsc4py; Python; ASH; SciPy; mpi4py; SLEPc; LAPACK; pyParareal; PARAEXP; NFFT; SHTOOLS; Chebfun; FreeFem++
Cited in: 18 Publications

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