swMATH ID: 6002
Software Authors: Cervone; dpvc@union.edu
Description: jsMath: A Method of Including Mathematics in Web Pages. The jsMath package provides a method of including mathematics in HTML pages that works across multiple browsers under Windows, Macintosh OS X, Linux and other flavors of unix. It overcomes a number of the shortcomings of the traditional method of using images to represent mathematics: jsMath uses native fonts, so they resize when you change the size of the text in your browser, they print at the full resolution of your printer, and you don’t have to wait for dozens of images to be downloaded in order to see the mathematics in a web page. There are also advantages for web-page authors, as there is no need to preprocess your web pages to generate any images, and the mathematics is entered in TeX form, so it is easy to create and maintain your web pages. Although it works best with the TeX fonts installed, jsMath will fall back on a collection of image-based fonts (which can still be scaled or printed at high resolution) or unicode fonts when the TeX fonts are not available. There is a control panel connected to a small floating button that lets the user select which fallback method to use or change some other settings like a scaling factor to use for the mathematics compared to the other text on the page.
Homepage: http://www.math.union.edu/~dpvc/jsMath/welcome.html
Operating Systems: Windows, Macintosh OS X, Linux and other flavors of unix
Keywords: jsMath: A Method of Including Mathematics in Web Pages
Related Software: Greasemonkey; TeX4ht; LaTeX; MathJax; arXMLiv; Formulator MathML; Electronic Geometry Textbook; STEX+; STEXIDE; SPARQL; MathDox; OEIS; NNexus; TNTBase; MMT; LaTeXML; Pellet; Hets; Matita; GtkMathView
Cited in: 2 Publications

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