swMATH ID: 601
Software Authors: Adams, John C.
Description: MUDPACK: Multigrid portable FORTRAN software for the efficient solution of linear elliptic partial differential equations MUDPACK is a package of portable FORTRAN subprograms which use multigrid iteration for solving real or complex elliptic partial differential equations. The solution regions are rectangles in two dimensions and boxes in three dimensions. Any combination of periodic, Dirichlet, and mixed-derivative boundary conditions is allowed. The equations are automatically discretized using second-order finite differencing. The package will vectorize on Cray computers. Examples are given which demonstrate ease of use, efficiency, and applicability to a wide range of problems.
Homepage: http://www2.cisl.ucar.edu/resources/legacy/mudpack
Keywords: vector computer; MUDPACK; FORTRAN subprograms; multigrid iteration; second-order finite differencing
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Cited in: 32 Publications

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