swMATH ID: 6012
Software Authors: NCSS Kaysville, Utah; USA
Description: NCSS Statistical Analysis and Graphics. NCSS software provides a complete, easy-to-use collection of over 150 statistical and graphics tools to analyze and visualize your data. If you are looking for an accurate, comprehensive, and intuitive statistical package that will allow you to analyze your data quickly and effectively, look no further. NCSS has been fine-tuning statistical analysis and graphics for over 30 years to meet the needs of researchers worldwide
Homepage: http://www.ncss.com/ncss.html
Operating Systems: 32-bit and 64-bit systems with Windows 7, Vista, or XP.
Keywords: NCSSStatistical Analysis and Graphics .
Related Software: SAS; R; MINITAB; JMP; SPSS; Stata; SHAZAM; lpridge; RidgeFusion; CoxRidge; RXshrink; ridge; ltsbase; mctest; penalized; genridge; lrmest; lmridge; STATGRAPHICS; Design-Expert
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