swMATH ID: 6023
Software Authors: Ralf Wirtz
Description: SimplexNumerica is a nicely polished detailed tool that allows you to plot and analyze various data in all kinds of ways. SimplexNumerica can create etailed charts, graphs and all kinds of visual utilities for data analysis. SimplexNumerica is a very popular program in scientific community as it offers a lot of different utilities for presentation of the desired data. The program is based on ergonomic programming and it has been converted into Microsoft Windows state-of-the-art UI which offers guidelines with Ribbonbars , context dialogs and interactive diagrams that help and make handling of numeric mathematics easier. SimplexNumerica is one of the best programs for publication type graphics, arbitrary data analysis, measuring data presentation and more. A special application that is integrated within SimplexNumerica is their Simplexety add-on. This add-on really lives up to its name and it can be described as a highly advanced alculator that can be used for everything from basic math to solving complex problems. This tool allows you to solve some of the most complex equations in just a few clicks, for which you would otherwise spend a lot of time writing them on the paper or in some other app.
Homepage: http://www.simplexnumerica.com/
Programming Languages: C++
Keywords: SimplexNumerica - SimplexParser
Cited in: 0 Publications