swMATH ID: 6032
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Description: TextCalc is a combination of an expression calculator and a text editor. Being both, it has several advantages over conventional calculators.1) You can evaluate expressions like 9*4-2+95-12 just the way you write them on paper.2) You can put comments besides your answerand expressions. 3) You can save, reload, edit and print your results and expressions. 4) You do not need to write your answer down on a paperbefore computing another expression, as you can leave the previous result in the editor.5) You can open an existing text data file and perform calculations on it.6) You can apply an expression to many numbers at one go. For example, you can change the list 1 2 3 4 5 to 2 4 6 8 10 by multiplying each number by 2.7) You can sum, average, convert into hex etc. a list of numbers easily.The editor is capable of parsing numbers and strings enclosed in double quotes ” ”. Numbers will be colored blue and strings will be colored red. This makes it ideal for editing files containing numeric data.
Homepage: http://www.atomixbuttons.com/textcalc/
Programming Languages: Visual C++ 5.0
Operating Systems: Win 95/98/NT
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