swMATH ID: 6046
Software Authors: Cullen, G.; Guillet, J.-Ph.; Heinrich, G.; Kleinschmidt, T.; Pilon, E.; Reiter, T.; Rodgers, M.
Description: Golem95C: a library for one-loop integrals with complex masses We present a program for the numerical evaluation of scalar integrals and tensor form factors entering the calculation of one-loop amplitudes which supports the use of complex masses in the loop integrals. The program is built on an earlier version of the golem95 library, which performs the reduction to a certain set of basis integrals using a formalism where inverse Gram determinants can be avoided. It can be used to calculate one-loop amplitudes with arbitrary masses in an algebraic approach as well as in the context of unitarity-inspired numerical reconstruction of the integrand.
Homepage: http://cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/AEEO_v2_0.html
Programming Languages: Fortran95.
Operating Systems: Linux, Unix.
Keywords: NLO computations; one-loop diagrams; complex masses; unstable particles
Related Software: CutTools; FormCalc; Golem95; OneLOop; FeynArts; BlackHat; LoopTools; SAMURAI; FF; HELAC-1LOOP; GoSam; COLLIER; NGluon; FORM; PJFry; Ninja; D0C; VBFNLO; SecDec; FIESTA
Cited in: 9 Publications

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