swMATH ID: 6056
Software Authors: Radtke, T.; Fritzsche, S.
Description: Simulation of n-qubit quantum systems. IV. Parametrizations of quantum states, matrices and probability distributions Entanglement is known today as a key resource in many protocols from quantum computation and quantum information theory. However, despite the successful demonstration of several protocols, such as teleportation or quantum key distribution, there are still many open questions of how entanglement affects the efficiency of quantum algorithms or how it can be protected against noisy environments. The investigation of these and related questions often requires a search or optimization over the set of quantum states and, hence, a parametrization of them and various other objects. To facilitate this kind of studies in quantum information theory, here we present an extension of the Feynman program that was developed during recent years as a toolbox for the simulation and analysis of quantum registers. In particular, we implement parameterizations of hermitian and unitary matrices (of arbitrary order), pure and mixed quantum states as well as separable states. In addition to being a prerequisite for the study of many optimization problems, these parameterizations also provide the necessary basis for heuristic studies which make use of random states, unitary matrices and other objects.
Homepage: http://cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/ADWE_v4_0.html
Dependencies: Maple
Keywords: { t FEYNMAN}; qubit; quantum register; separable states; parametrization
Related Software: Maple; base.mpl; QDENSITY; QUBIT4MATLAB V3.0
Referenced in: 5 Publications

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