swMATH ID: 6177
Software Authors: Rusli, S.F.M.; Monsi, Mansor; Hassan, M.A.; Leong, W.J.
Description: On the interval zoro symmetric single-step procedure for simultaneous finding of polynomial zeros. The aim of this paper is to present the interval zoro symmetric singlestep procedure IZSS1 which is the modification of interval symmetric single-step procedure ISS1. This procedure has a faster convergence rate than does ISS1. We start with suitably chosen initial disjoint intervals where each interval contains a zero of a polynomial. The IZSS1 method will produce successively smaller intervals that are guaranteed to still contain the zeros. The convergence rate of the procedure IZSS1 will be shown in this paper. The procedure is run on five test polynomials and the results obtained show that the modified method is better in comparison with the procedure ISS1.
Homepage: http://www.m-hikari.com/ams/ams-2011/ams-73-76-2011/rusliAMS73-76-2011.pdf
Keywords: interval analysis; interval procedure; simultaneous inclusion; simple zeros; \(R\)-order of convergence; \(R\)-factor of a sequence
Related Software: INTLAB
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