swMATH ID: 6216
Software Authors: Quaresma, Pedro; Predrag Janičić
Description: GeoThms – a web system for Euclidean constructive geometry GeoThms is a web-based framework for exploring geometrical knowledge that integrates dynamic geometry software (DGS), automatic theorem provers (ATP), and a repository of geometrical constructions, figures and proofs. The GeoThms users can easily use/browse through existing geometrical content and build new contents. In this paper we describe GeoThms functionalities, focusing on the interface solutions required for a system aimed at supporting studying and teaching geometry via internet. GeoThms is a publicly accessible system with a growing body of geometrical constructions and formally proven geometrical theorems. We believe that, with the help of all its users it will become an important Internet resource for geometry.
Homepage: http://hilbert.mat.uc.pt/~geothms/
Keywords: web interfaces for proof systems; automated geometry theorem proving; dynamic geometry software
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