swMATH ID: 6218
Software Authors: Ted Kosan; Grzegorz Mazur; Sherm Ostrowsky
Description: MathPiper is a new mathematics-oriented programming language which is simple enough to be learned as a first programming language and yet powerful enough to be useful in any science, mathematics, or engineering related career. MathPiper is also a Computer Algebra System (CAS) which is similar in function to the CAS which is included in the TI 89 and TI 92 calculators. MathPiperIDE is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for MathPiper programming which includes powerful text editing and interactive graphics capabilities.
Homepage: http://www.mathpiper.org/
Related Software: GeoGebra; JSLisp; JAMA; JavaScript; Giac; Jasymca; REDUCE
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