swMATH ID: 626
Software Authors: Bird, Steven; Klein, Ewan; Loper, Edward
Description: This book offers an introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP). Natural language means a language that is used for everyday communication by humans. The reader will learn how to write Python programs that work with large collections of unstructured text. A comprehensive range of linguistic data structures is presented as well as algorithms for analyzing the content and structure of written communication. NLP is experiencing rapid growth, and technologies based on NLP are becoming increasingly widespread, for example phones support predictive text and even handwriting recognition. The book contains hundreds of working examples and graded exercises, based on the Python programming language and the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), and it gives the reader a working knowledge of NLP
Homepage: http://nltk.org/
Programming Languages: python
Keywords: Natural Language Processing; NLP
Related Software: Python; Scikit; StanfordCoreNLP; WordNet; spaCy; Penn Treebank; Transformers; PyTorch; NumPy; BERT; XLNet; WEKA; Adam; RoBERTa; SciPy; GloVe; LIBSVM; UCI-ml; PMTK; word2vec
Cited in: 23 Publications

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