swMATH ID: 6262
Software Authors: Guido Tack, Sebastian Brand, Mark Brown, Thibaut Feydy, Julien Fischer, Maria Garcia de la Banda, Peter Stuckey, Mark Wallace
Description: MiniZinc is a medium-level constraint modelling language. It is high-level enough to express most constraint problems easily, but low-level enough that it can be mapped onto existing solvers easily and consistently. It is a subset of the higher-level language Zinc. We hope it will be adopted as a standard by the Constraint Programming community. FlatZinc is a low-level solver input language that is the target language for MiniZinc. It is designed to be easy to translate into the form required by a solver.
Homepage: http://www.minizinc.org/
Dependencies: MiniZinc
Keywords: Zinc modelling language; MiniZinc
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Cited in: 9 Publications

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