swMATH ID: 6268
Software Authors: Leyffer, S., Linderoth, J., Luedtke, J., Mahajan, A., Munson, T.
Description: MINOTAUR is a toolkit for solving mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problems. We study methods for building polyhedral relaxations of multilinear terms that arise in nonconvex mixed integer optimization problems. The goal is to obtain a formulation that is more compact than the convex hull formulation, but yields tighter relaxations than the standard McCormick relaxation. We present computational results for an approach based on grouping the variables into subsets that cover all multilinear terms in the problem. The approach is combined with additional reformulation techniques and spatial branching in the software framework MINOTAUR to produce a solver for mixed integer polynomial optimization problems
Homepage: http://wiki.mcs.anl.gov/minotaur/index.php/MINOTAUR
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Cited in: 28 Publications

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