swMATH ID: 6278
Software Authors: Michael O'Sullivan
Description: DipPy is a Python-based modeling language that provides a simple interface to DIP, a framework for implementing a variety of decomposition-based branch-and-bound algorithms for solving mixed integer linear programs). DipPy is an extension of ​PuLP (Python library for modeling linear and integer programs) that allows users to specify decompositions and customize the branching, cut generation, and column generation of DIP, from within a PuLP model. This interface greatly simplifies both the problem definition and the customization of the framework using that problem definition.
Homepage: https://projects.coin-or.org/Dip/wiki/DipPy
Programming Languages: C/C++; Python
Related Software: DIP; MIPLIB2003; MIPLIB; IPET; QPLIB; t-SNE; ASlib; AS 136; ParaSCIP; SAS/OR; MINLPLib; XPRESS; Mosek; Cbc; OR-Library; AMPL; gmp; Benchmarks for Optimization Software; Gurobi; UG
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