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Software Authors: Febbraro, Onofrio; Reale, Kristian; Ricca, Francesco
Description: ASPIDE: Integrated development environment for answer set programming. Answer Set Programming (ASP) is a truly-declarative programming paradigm proposed in the area of non-monotonic reasoning and logic programming. In the last few years, several tools for ASP-program development have been proposed, including (more or less advanced) editors and debuggers. However, ASP still lacks an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) supporting the entire life-cycle of ASP development, from (assisted) programs editing to application deployment. In this paper we present ASPIDE, a comprehensive IDE for ASP, integrating a cutting-edge editing tool (featuring dynamic syntax highlighting, on-line syntax correction, autocompletion, code-templates, quick-fixes, refactoring, etc.) with a collection of user-friendly graphical tools for program composition, debugging, profiling, database access, solver execution configuration and output-handling.
Homepage: http://www.dlvsystem.com/dlvsystem/index.php/ASPIDE
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ASPIDE: integrated development environment for answer set programming
Febbraro, Onofrio; Reale, Kristian; Ricca, Francesco

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