swMATH ID: 6338
Software Authors: Oliveira, Marcel; Zeyda, Frank; Cavalcanti, Ana
Description: ArcAngelC: a Refinement Tactic Language for Circus. Circus is a refinement language in which specifications define both data and behavioural aspects of concurrent systems using a combination of Z and CSP. Its refinement theory and calculus are distinctive, but since refinements may be long and repetitive, the practical application of this technique can be hard. Useful strategies have been identified, described, and used, and by documenting them as tactics, they can be expressed and repeatedly applied as single transformation rules. Here, we present ArcAngelC, a language for defining such tactics; we present the language, its semantics, and its application in the formalisation of an existing strategy for verification of Ada implementations of control systems specified by Simulink diagrams. We also discuss its mechanisation in a theorem prover, ProofPower-Z.
Homepage: http://www.cs.york.ac.uk/circus/publications/papers/08-oc.pdf
Related Software: Circus; Z; ProofPower; ZRC; ArcAngel; ClawZ; Rodin; StateFlow; Simulink; SPARK; CirCUs; ML; Cambridge LCF; Z/EVES; Matlab
Cited in: 5 Publications

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