swMATH ID: 6340
Software Authors: Rob Arthan
Description: ClawZ is a tool that translates between the Simulink graphical notation for expressing control law models and the Z notation. The first version of ClawZ was developed in the Spring of 1999. This has been refined and enhanced in the light of experience on case studies and real-life examples. The current version of CLawZ (version 1.1.7) was released in February 2004.. The development of ClawZ has been sponsored by DERA and QinetiQ
Homepage: http://www.lemma-one.com/clawz_docs/clawz_docs.html
Related Software: Circus; ProofPower; Simulink; Z; ZRC; ArcAngel; LUSTRE; Isabelle/HOL; PVS; ML; ArcAngelC; KeYmaera X; KeYmaera; nuXmv; SL2SX; Rodin; Isabelle; Daikon; SPIN; Archive Formal Proofs
Cited in: 14 Documents

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