swMATH ID: 6342
Software Authors: Andrew BUTTERFIELD
Description: Unifying Theories of Programming Theorem Prover ( U·(TP)2, ”UTP-squared”, or UTP2 if stuck in ASCII-land ) is a theorem proving assistant for 2nd-order predicate calculus, designed to support foundational proof work in the Unifying Theories of Programming framework (UTP). Formerly known as Saoithín (pronounced ”See-heen”) Saoithín is a theorem prover developed to support the Unifying Theories of Programming (UTP) framework. Its primary design goal was to support the higher-order logic, alphabets, equational reasoning and “programs as predicates” style that is prevalent in much of the UTP literature, from the seminal work by Hoare & He [HH98] onwards. This paper describes the key features of the theorem prover, with an emphasis on the underlying foundations, and how these affect the design and implementation choices. These key features include: a formalisation of a UTP Theory; support for common proof strategies; sophisticated goal/law matching ; and user-defined language constructs. A simple theory of designs with some proof extracts is used to illustrate the above features. The theorem prover has been used with undergraduate students and we discuss some of those experiences. The paper then concludes with a discussion of current limitations and planned improvements to the tool
Homepage: https://www.scss.tcd.ie/andrew.butterfield/Saoithin/
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