Sparse 1.3

swMATH ID: 6368
Software Authors: http://www.berkeley.edu/
Description: Sparse 1.3 is a flexible package of subroutines used to solve large sparse systems of linear equations quickly and accurately. The package can handle arbitrary real and complex square matrix equations. Besides solving linear systems, Sparse can also quickly solve transposed systems, find determinants, and estimate errors arising from ill-conditioning in the system of equations and instability in the computations. Sparse also provides a test program that can read matrix equations from a file, solve them, and print useful information about the equation and its solution.
Homepage: http://www.netlib.org/sparse/
Related Software: Matlab; CHOLMOD; KLU; Xyce; SparseMatrix; UMFPACK; COLAMD; AMD; CSparse; MC21A; symamd; BLAS; SuperLU; CGS
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