swMATH ID: 6426
Software Authors: Hasan, Md.Raqibul; Rahman, M.Sohel; Hyder, Chowdhury Sayeed
Description: DesynchLRU: an efficient page replacement algorithm with desynchronized cache and RAM In this paper, we present DesynchLRU, a new page replacement algorithm. DesynchLRU is a modified version of the celebrated LRU (least recently used) page replacement algorithm. The basic distinction between LRU and DesynchLRU is that, in the former, the pages in cache and RAM always remain synchronized, whereas, in the latter, they can be desynchronized. Here, we show that the page fault rate in DesynchLRU is always smaller than that of LRU. We further analyze the average cost for a page request and establish conditions for which DesynchLRU would always perform better than LRU.
Homepage: http://icai.ektf.hu/pdf/ICAI2010-vol2-pp109-117.pdf
Keywords: virtual memory; page replacement; main memory; cache; page fault
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