swMATH ID: 6477
Software Authors: Hasegawa, K.; Moch, S.; Uwer, P.
Description: AutoDipole – automated generation of dipole subtraction terms We present an automated generation of the subtraction terms for next-to-leading order QCD calculations in the Catani-Seymour dipole formalism. For a given scattering process with \(n\) external particles our Mathematica package generates all dipole terms, allowing for both massless and massive dipoles. The numerical evaluation of the subtraction terms proceeds with MadGraph, which provides Fortran code for the necessary scattering amplitudes. Checks of the numerical stability are discussed.
Homepage: http://www-zeuthen.desy.de/~moch/autodipole/index.html
Keywords: quantum chromodynamics; lattice gauge theory
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Cited in: 15 Publications

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