swMATH ID: 6485
Software Authors: Shults, Justine; Ratcliffe, Sarah J.
Description: Analysis of multi-level correlated data in the framework of generalized estimating equations via xtmultcorr procedures in Stata and qls functions in Matlab. Many studies yield data with multiple sources of correlation. For example, in a study of repeated measurements collected on each eye of spouses, three sources of correlation may be present, due to the fact that measurements within the same family will be more similar if they are measured on the same eye (left versus right), within the same person (husband versus wife), or at the same measurement occasion. This article reviews an algorithm for analysis of data with two or more sources of correlation that can be implemented using quasi-least squares, an approach in the framework of generalized estimating equations. It then describes and demonstrates implementation of this algorithm with xtmultcorr procedures in Stata and the qls functions in Matlab.
Homepage: http://www.intlpress.com/site/pub/pages/journals/items/sii/content/vols/0002/0002/a008/
Dependencies: Stata
Keywords: { t Matlab}; { t Stata }; { t xtmultcorr}; { t qls}; Cholesky decomposition; multi-level data; multivariate data; quasi-least squares
Related Software: Stata; GEEQBOX; Matlab; qlspack; SAS; geepack; QLS
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