swMATH ID: 6493
Software Authors: Carpentieri, B.; Jing, Y.-F.; Huang, T.-Z.
Description: The BiCOR and CORS iterative algorithms for solving nonsymmetric linear systems The paper describes the theoretical background and computational aspects of two iterative algorithms for solving real nonsymmetric and complex non-Hermetian linear systems. These algorithms are developed from variants of the nonsymmetric Lanczos method. The convergence properties of these two methods are then analyzed using a large number of numerical experiments. The paper also includes a comparison of the two methods under examination with other common iterative algorithms for solving nonsymmetic linear systems.
Homepage: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2079184
Keywords: Krylov subspace methods; nonsymmetric Lanczos method; sparse and dense matrix computation; iterative algorithms; real nonsymmetric and complex non-Hermetian linear systems; numerical experiments; comparison of methods
Related Software: BiCOR; SparseMatrix; CGS; GpBiCg; CSparse; BiCGstab; ILUT; LYAPACK; TensorToolbox; Algorithm 913; Matlab; MINRES; MINRES-QLP; Regularization tools; GitHub; Harwell-Boeing sparse matrix collection; ABLE; na1
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