swMATH ID: 6495
Software Authors: Pham-Quang, Phuong; Delinchant, Benoit
Description: Java automatic differentiation tool using virtual operator overloading. Automatic differentiation (AD) tools are available and mature for several languages such as C or Fortran, but are just emerging in object oriented language such as Java. In this paper, a Java automatic differentiation tool called JAP is presented which has been defined and developed with specific requirements for the design of engineering systems using optimization. This paper presents JAP requirements and the implementation architecture. It also compares JAP performance to ADOL-C in forward mode on a magnetic MEMS model. JAP has been successfully used on several system optimizations in the field of electromagnetic MEMS.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/u65k47uk33p1x802/
Keywords: Java automatic differentiation; source transformation; operator overloading; forward mode; optimization; algorithm; numerical examples
Related Software: Matlab; ADiJaC; dco/c++; AlgoPy; DiffSharp; DNAD; Sacado; TAPENADE; ADOL-C
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