swMATH ID: 6519
Software Authors: Daniel Diaz
Description: WAMCC is a WAM-based Prolog to C compiler. It conforms more or less to the Edinburgh standard, and includes most of the usual built-in predicates, a top-level, a Prolog debugger and a WAM debugger. WAMCC is designed to be easily extended (see clp(FD), for example). WAMCC’s speed is halfway between SICStus emulated and SICStus native code on a Sparc (1.5 times faster and 1.5 times slower, respectively).
Homepage: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/project/ai-repository/ai/lang/prolog/impl/prolog/wamcc/0.html
Keywords: WAM; Prolog; C; compiler; Programming Language
Related Software: Mercury; Prolog; SICStus; Python; CiaoPP; Ciao; MPINE; Pict; DASWAM; LLVM; C-XSC 2.0
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