swMATH ID: 6540
Software Authors: Commandeur, J. J. F.; Heiser, W. J
Description: multidimensional scaling: Using SPSS/PROXSCAL. Multidimensional scaling attempts to find the structure in a set of proximity measures between objects. This process is accomplished by assigning observations to specific locations in a conceptual low-dimensional space such that the distances between points in the space match the given (dis)similarities as closely as possible. The result is a least-squares representation of the objects in that low-dimensional space, which, in many cases, will help you to further understand your data.
Homepage: http://www.tonycoxon.com/KUB/Module%203/SPSS_PROXSCAL.pdf
Dependencies: SPSS
Keywords: MDS; multidimensional scaling
Related Software: R; SPSS; smacof; SAS; Scikit; Gifi; orQA; fdrtool; spsurvey; homals; pava; OrdMonReg; multcomp; microbenchmark; SAGx; WEKA; UniIsoRegression; Iso; monotone; CODA
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