swMATH ID: 6545
Software Authors: Martin Weiser, Anton Schiela, Sebastian Goetschel, Lars Lubkoll, Bodo Erdmann, Lutz Weimann
Description: Kaskade 7 is a finite element toolbox for the solution of stationary or transient systems of partial differential equations. The library is written in C++ and is based on the DUNE-Interface. The code is independent of spatial dimension and works with different grid managers. An important feature is the mix-and-match approach to discretizing systems of PDEs with different ansatz and test spaces for all variables. The library is under active development, features are implemented as needed in other projects.
Homepage: http://www.zib.de/en/numerik/software/kaskade-7.html
Programming Languages: C++
Operating Systems: Linux, Mac OS
Dependencies: Dune
Keywords: PDE; reaction-diffusion-systems; finite element method
Related Software: DUNE; PLTMG; UG; NewtonLib; RODAS; ISTL; Gmsh; FunG; Amira; Curvilinear Grid; Exa-Dune; JAUMIN; Dune-UDG; Vc; FEMPAR; UG4; CutFEM; dune-xt; DUNE-ALUGrid; DuMuX
Cited in: 40 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.zib.de/projects/kaskade7-finite-element-toolbox#opus-year-2014

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