swMATH ID: 6576
Software Authors: Becker, Stephen; Bobin, Jerome; Candes, Emmanuel J.
Description: NESTA: A fast and accurate first-order method for sparse recovery. Accurate signal recovery or image reconstruction from indirect and possibly undersampled data is a topic of considerable interest; for example, the literature in the recent field of compressed sensing is already quite immense. This paper applies a smoothing technique and an accelerated first-order algorithm, both from {it Yu. Nesterov} [Math. Program. 103, No. 1 (A), 127–152 (2005; Zbl 1079.90102)], and demonstrates that this approach is ideally suited for solving large-scale compressed sensing reconstruction problems as (1) it is computationally efficient; (2) it is accurate and returns solutions with several correct digits; (3) it is flexible and amenable to many kinds of reconstruction problems; and (4) it is robust in the sense that its excellent performance across a wide range of problems does not depend on the fine tuning of several parameters. Comprehensive numerical experiments on realistic signals exhibiting a large dynamic range show that this algorithm compares favorably with recently proposed state-of-the-art methods. We also apply the algorithm to solve other problems for which there are fewer alternatives, such as total-variation minimization and convex programs seeking to minimize the \(ell_1\) norm of \(W_x\) under constraints, in which \(W\) is not diagonal. The code is available online as a free package in the Matlab language.
Homepage: http://epubs.siam.org/doi/pdf/10.1137/090756855
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: Nesterov’s method; smooth approximations of nonsmooth functions; \(ell_1\) minimization; duality in convex optimization; continuation methods; compressed sensing; total-variation minimization
Related Software: PDCO; TFOCS; SPGL1; TwIST; RecPF; glmnet; FPC_AS; UNLocBoX; ElemStatLearn; CoSaMP; Matlab; PROPACK; Yall1; CVX; L1TestPack; ParNes; TVAL3; FTVd; Mosek; na28
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