swMATH ID: 6582
Software Authors: Aravind Seshadri
Description: NSGA-II is a very famous multi-objective optimization algorithm. I submitted an example previously and wanted to make this submission useful to others by creating it as a function. Even though this function is very specific to benchmark problems, with a little bit more modification this can be adopted for any multi-objective optimization.
Homepage: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/10429-nsga-ii-a-multi-objective
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: 2TPP; biobjective traveling purchaser problem
Related Software: SPEA2; MOEA/D; Krill herd; GDE3; 2-Phase NSGA II; SMPSO; MOCell; AbYSS; jMetal; SUMO; SMS-EMOA; ParEGO; EGO; SQPlab; PLCP; PISA
Referenced in: 8 Publications

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