swMATH ID: 6589
Software Authors: Karsten Tabelow, Jörg Polzehl
Description: The package contains R-functions to perform an fmri analysis as described in K. Tabelow, J. Polzehl, H.U. Voss, and V. Spokoiny, Analysing fMRI experiments with structure adaptive smoothing procedures, NeuroImage, 33:55-62 (2006) and J. Polzehl, H.U. Voss, K. Tabelow, Structural adaptive segmentation for statistical parametric mapping, NeuroImage, 52:515-523 (2010).
Homepage: http://cran.at.r-project.org/web/packages/fmri/index.html
Programming Languages: R, Fortran, C
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, MacOS X
Dependencies: R, tcltk
Keywords: Adaptive weights smoothing; Functional and dynamic magnetic resonance imaging; Signal detection; Spatial adaptation; local structure; local polynomial regression; propagation; separation; R
Related Software: R; AnalyzeFMRI; oro.nifti; mritc; cudaBayesreg; oro.dicom; adimpro; RNiftyReg; CRAN Task Views; dti; dpmixsim; TractoR; arf3DS4; SPM; AWS; dcemriS4; Ebimage; fslr; DATforDCEMRI; tractor.base
Cited in: 4 Publications

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