swMATH ID: 6601
Software Authors: Powersim Inc.
Description: Simulation software specifically designed for power electronics, motor control, and dynamic system simulation. Below are available add-on Modules or options for the PSIM software. Motor Drive Module: For electric motor drives... Digital Control Module: For analysis of digital control systems in z-domain... SimCoupler Module: For co-simulation with Matlab/Simulink... Thermal Module: For loss calculation and thermal analysis of switching devices... HEV Design Suite: For hybrid electric vehicle (hev) powertrain simulation... SimCoder Module: For automatic code generation from PSIM schematic... TI F28335 Target: For automatic code generation for hardware boards that use TI’s F28335 floating-point DSP... MagCoupler Module: For co-simulation with finite element analysis software JMAG... MagCoupler-RT Module: For link with JMAG-RT data files... ModCoupler Module: For co-simulation between PSIM and ModelSim for FPGA implementation... PsimBook: An electronic book or document with interactive simulation capability...
Homepage: http://www.powersimtech.com/
Related Software: Matlab; Turbo Pascal; SymPowerSystems; LMI toolbox; SimPowerSystems; Simulink
Referenced in: 7 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.powersimtech.com/index.php?name=literature

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