swMATH ID: 6616
Software Authors: Callum Corbett, Michael Maier, Markus Beckers, Uwe Naumann, Amin Ghobeity, and Alexander Mitsos
Description: Tangent-Linear Subgradients for McCormick Relaxations(modMC) modMC implements the calculation of subgradients of McCormick relaxations based on Algorithmic Differentiation by tangent-linear mode. It is an reimplementation in Fortran of the package libMC. Additionally it provides source code transformation based on inliner techniques. If you want to obtain a version of modMC please contact me.
Homepage: http://www.stce.rwth-aachen.de/software/modMC.html
Keywords: McCormick Relaxations
Related Software: libMC; MC++; ANTIGONE; GloMIQO; BARON; amodMC
Cited in: 2 Publications

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