swMATH ID: 6643
Software Authors: Sills, Andrew V.; Zeilberger, Doron
Description: Disturbing the Dyson conjecture (in a GOOD way) The authors describe an algorithm, which automatically conjectures, and then automatically proves, closed-form expressions extending {it F. J. Dyson’s} conjecture [see J. Math. Phys. 3, 140–156 (1962; Zbl 0105.41604)]. They note that the algorithm is fully implemented by the Mathematica package GoodDyson.m and the analogous Maple package GoodDyson, which are available from their web sites.
Homepage: http://home.dimacs.rutgers.edu/~asills/mathematica/GoodDyson.m
Dependencies: Maple; Mathematica
Keywords: Dyson conjecture
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Disturbing the Dyson conjecture (in a GOOD way). Zbl 1121.05001
Sills, Andrew V.; Zeilberger, Doron

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