swMATH ID: 6657
Software Authors: B. S. Kirk, J. W. Peterson, R. H. Stogner, and G. F. Carey
Description: The libMesh library provides a framework for the numerical simulation of partial differential equations using arbitrary unstructured discretizations on serial and parallel platforms. A major goal of the library is to provide support for adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) computations in parallel while allowing a research scientist to focus on the physics they are modeling. libMesh currently supports 1D, 2D, and 3D steady and transient simulations on a variety of popular geometric and finite element types. The library makes use of high-quality, existing software whenever possible. PETSc is used for the solution of linear systems on both serial and parallel platforms, and LASPack is included with the library to provide linear solver support on serial machines. An optional interface to SLEPc is also provided for solving both standard and generalized eigenvalue problems.
Homepage: http://libmesh.sourceforge.net/index.php
Keywords: inverse problem; nonlinear optimization problem; material parameter identification; derivatives of eigenvalues and eigenvectors; adjoint problem
Related Software: PETSc; deal.ii; FEniCS; Trilinos; Gmsh; FreeFem++; hypre; p4est; MOOSE; ParaView; METIS; MUMPS; MFEM; DUNE; Matlab; GitHub; OpenFOAM; VisIt; BoomerAMG; GRINS
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Further Publications: http://libmesh.sourceforge.net/publications.php
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