swMATH ID: 6680
Software Authors: Fassino, Claudia
Description: Numerical Border Basis of ideal of points This function is implemented in CoCoALib (i.e. it requires an active CoCoAServer). It also checks that the current ring is suitable: see below for details. This function returns a record containing a factor-closed set of power-products QB and a list of almost vanishing polynomials. If the cardinality of QB is equal to the number of points, it is in fact a quotient basis of the ideal of points, and in this case a border basis founded on it is also returned.
Homepage: http://cocoa.dima.unige.it/download/CoCoAManual/html/cmdStableBBasisNBM5.html
Dependencies: CoCoALib
Keywords: Vanishing Polynomials
Related Software: Genius; CoCoA; Z_LINEAR_K; GADMM; DALIA; reszeta.lib; formConv; $Apart; Apart; VINAS-P; SaddleDrop; CliffOC; CliffSymNil; CliffMath; RAGlib; ABC4EFT; Resultants; PurityFiltration; Newmat; COBYLA2
Cited in: 7 Publications

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