swMATH ID: 6695
Software Authors: Kahle, T.
Description: Binomials.m2, a package for Macaulay2 to compute primary and other decompositions of binomial ideals. The current implementation is for pure difference ideals in characteristic zero. The package was first described in Decomposing Binomial Ideals (AISM, 62(4), (2010), p. 727-745) arxiv:0906.4873. This new preprint explains some new algorithms.
Homepage: http://thomas-kahle.de/bpd.html
Dependencies: Macaulay2
Related Software: Macaulay2; 4ti2; SINGULAR; polymake; MESSI; REDLOG; QEPCAD; Bertini; Hom4PS-3; Stony Brook; CUDA; MixedVol; HOM4PS; DEMiCs; Polyhedra; SageMath; Mathematica; CoCoA; VortexCalculations; PoSSo
Cited in: 39 Publications

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