swMATH ID: 6711
Software Authors: Ken Kennedy
Description: The goal of the Grid Application Development Software (GrADS) Project is to simplify distributed heterogeneous computing in the same way that the World Wide Web simplifed information sharing over the Internet. The GrADS project will explore the scientific and technical problems that must be solved to make grid application development and performance tuning for real applications an everyday practice.
Homepage: http://www.hipersoft.rice.edu/grads/
Keywords: grid; project
Related Software: ScaLAPACK; Globus Toolkit; GridLab; Condor-G; GridFlow; Pegasus; GRID Infoware; Ninf-G/MPI; NetSolve; GrADSAT; FFTW; ASKALON; ICENI; MCELL; ZetaSAT; NAGSAT; BerkMin; Chaff; GridSAT; UnitWalk
Referenced in: 18 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.hipersoft.rice.edu/grads/publications_reports.htm

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