swMATH ID: 6717
Software Authors: John Slaney, Arnold Binas, Kahlil Hodgson, David Price
Description: SCOTT: Semantically Constrained Otter. The SCOTT project dates back to 1991 and is still running. The theorem prover, a variant of OTTER, has competed in CASC for several years, achieving unspectacular but interesting results. It is widely regarded as an idea that ought to work but has not yet realised its potential. The program is freely available. Like anything free, it comes with no guarantee. Unlike some free things, it also comes with no documentation: it remains very much work in progress and should be regarded as experimental software
Homepage: http://users.cecs.anu.edu.au/~jks/scott/
Dependencies: Otter
Keywords: theorem prover; Otter
Related Software: OTTER; TPTP; SETHEO; Mace4; SATCHMO; VAMPIRE; Satallax; E Theorem Prover; SPASS; E-Darvin; FALCON; ModGen; SATO; FINDER; KoMeT; CoDe; Scavenger; iProver; StarExec; Why3
Cited in: 27 Publications

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System description: SCOTT-5. Zbl 0988.68603
Hodgson, Kahlil; Slaney, John

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