swMATH ID: 6718
Software Authors: Clewley RH, Sherwood WE, LaMar MD, Guckenheimer JM
Description: PyDSTool is a sophisticated & integrated simulation and analysis environment for dynamical systems models of physical systems (ODEs, DAEs, maps, and hybrid systems). PyDSTool is platform independent, written primarily in Python with some underlying C and Fortran legacy code for fast solving. It makes extensive use of the numpy and scipy libraries. PyDSTool supports symbolic math, optimization, phase plane analysis, continuation and bifurcation analysis, data analysis, and other tools for modeling – particularly for biological applications. The project is fully open source with a BSD license, and welcomes contributions from the community. Please visit the support pages at Sourceforge.net to post questions and feedback.
Homepage: http://www.ni.gsu.edu/~rclewley/PyDSTool/FrontPage.html
Programming Languages: Python
Keywords: ODEs; DAEs
Related Software: MATCONT; Matlab; AUTO; XPPAUT; DDE-BIFTOOL; Python; COCO; AUTO-07P; SciPy; HomCont; pde2path; JiTCSDE; JiTCODE; JiTCDDE; Conedy; Octave; Brian; Brain Dynamics Toolbox; PyTables; Ellipsoidal Toolbox
Cited in: 21 Documents

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