swMATH ID: 6724
Software Authors: Kearfott, R.Baker
Description: GlobSol: history, composition, and advice on use The GlobSol software package combines various ideas from interval analysis, automatic differentiation, and constraint propagation to provide verified solutions to unconstrained and constrained global optimization problems. After briefly reviewing some of these techniques and GlobSol’s development history, we provide the first overall description of GlobSol’s algorithm. Giving advice on use, we point out strengths and weaknesses in GlobSol’s approaches. Through examples, we show how to configure and use GlobSol.
Homepage: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-540-39901-8_2
Programming Languages: Fortran
Keywords: verified global optimization; interval analysis; { t GlobSol}; constraint propagation; automatic differentiation
Related Software: INTOPT_90; BARON; COCONUT; Numerica; INTLAB; LINDO; ICOS; minpack; Cosy; LINDOGlobal; GAMS; Matlab; PrincetonLib; ANTIGONE; MINOS; GLOBALLib; CONOPT; SNOPT; AMPL; SeDuMi
Cited in: 37 Publications

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GlobSol: history, composition, and advice on use. Zbl 1255.90096
Kearfott, R. Baker

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