swMATH ID: 6733
Software Authors: Pitsco
Description: Descartes’ Cove Math Series Software. Each of these six journeys starts with being in a leaky lifeboat, enduring an ocean storm, and getting stranded on an island. From there, students use their math skills and problem-solving abilities to handle challenges on the island. As they journey, the problems become more difficult until they reach the final quest – escaping the island. The six adventures are: Measurement: The Rafting Journey; Numbers & Operations: The Sailing Ship; Data Analysis & Probability: The Mining Cave Expedition; Algebra: The Underground River Adventure; Geometry: The Secret Castle; Reasoning & Proof: The Volcano Adventure. With vivid graphics, animations, and music, Descartes’ Cove will engage modern students. And there are more than 600 problems to challenge them. Includes an instructor’s guide.
Homepage: http://www.pitsco.com/store/detail.aspx?ID=5160&bhcp=1
Keywords: education
Related Software: eXe; GeoGebra
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