swMATH ID: 6753
Software Authors: Bonichon, Richard; Delahaye, David; Doligez, Damien
Description: Zenon: An extensible automated theorem prover producing checkable proofs. We present Zenon, an automated theorem prover for first order classical logic (with equality), based on the tableau method. Zenon is intended to be the dedicated prover of the Focal environment, an object-oriented algebraic specification and proof system, which is able to produce OCaml code for execution and Coq code for certification. Zenon can directly generate Coq proofs (proof scripts or proof terms), which can be reinserted in the Coq specifications produced by Focal. Zenon can also be extended, which makes specific (and possibly local) automation possible in Focal.
Homepage: http://deducteam.gforge.inria.fr/zenonmodulo/
Related Software: Coq; TPTP; dedukti; Isabelle/HOL; FoCaLiZe; BWare; z3; PVS; iProver; E Theorem Prover; Atelier B; Twelf; ArchSAT; CoqInE; SIMPLIFY; Why3; OCaml; SMT-LIB; Isabelle; Ivy
Cited in: 20 Publications

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