swMATH ID: 6758
Software Authors: M Luján, TL Freeman, JR Gurd
Description: OoLaLa: an object oriented analysis and design of numerical linear algebra In this paper we review the design of a sequential object oriented linear algebra library, OOLALA. Several designs are proposed and used to classify existing sequential object oriented libraries. The classification is based on the way that matrices and matrix operations are represented. OOLALA’s representation of matrices is capable of dealing with certain matrix operations that, although mathematically valid, are not handled correctly by existing libraries. OOLALA also enables implementations of matrix calculations at various abstraction levels ranging from the relatively low-level abstraction of a Fortran BLAS-like implementation to higher-level abstractions that hide many implementation details. OOLALA addresses a wide range of numerical linear algebra functionality while the reviewed object oriented libraries concen trate on parts of such functionality. We include some preliminary performance results for a Java implementation of OOLALA.
Homepage: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=353171.353187
Keywords: object oriented analysis and design of numerical linear algebra
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