swMATH ID: 6763
Software Authors: LMS International
Description: LMS SYSNOISE. For more than 15 years, LMS SYSNOISE has been the world-leading simulation solution for vibro-acoustic design, troubleshooting, and optimization. From predicting the noise radiated from vibrating structures, simulating the sound inside a cavity, to estimating the sound field around the structure, or even calculating the structural response to an acoustic load, SYSNOISE has helped our customers to optimize the vibro-acoustic performance of their products.
Homepage: https://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/de_de/products/lms/virtual-lab/legacy-applications/sysnoise.shtml
Keywords: vibro-acoustic
Related Software: ANSYS; libMesh; PETSc; mctoolbox; Matlab; ESOFRAME; ILUT
Referenced in: 11 Publications

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