swMATH ID: 6800
Software Authors: S Boldo; G Melquiond; inria.fr
Description: Flocq (Floats for Coq) is a floating-point formalization for the Coq system. It provides a comprehensive library of theorems on a multi-radix multi-precision arithmetic. It also supports efficient numerical computations inside Coq.
Homepage: http://flocq.gforge.inria.fr/
Keywords: floating-point; Coq
Related Software: Coq; Why3; Gappa; HOL Light; z3; MPFR; Isabelle/HOL; KRAKATOA; C-CoRN; CompCert; CAMPARY; Coquelicot; PVS; dReal; HOL; Frama-C; SMT-LIB; MetiTarski; Apron; Mizar
Referenced in: 22 Publications

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