swMATH ID: 6802
Software Authors: Awrejcewicz, J.; Lind, Yu.B.; Kabirova, A.R.; Nurislamova, L.F.; Mulyukov, R.A.
Description: Software for automation of design of oil and gas wells construction At present time wells construction in oil and gas fields of Russian Federation is remarkable for some particular features caused by complicated mining and geological conditions and the fact that almost all oilfields are at late development stages. In upgrading of drilling technology problems of creation and efficient use of drilling fluids with grounded technological parameters, prediction and prevention of troubles during drilling process and construction of optimal energy-saving well profiles remain significant and relevant. Software has been developed which allows to automatize calculations (on the base of science-grounded methods) during wells construction designing. Introduction of this software product makes it possible to optimize drilling parameters, to improve tailing-in quality and in general to increase technical and economic indices of drilling and to augment oil production rate.
Homepage: http://rd.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs12591-012-0126-6?LI=true
Keywords: software; database; neural network; parallel computations; mathematical model
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