swMATH ID: 681
Software Authors: Kettani, Ossama; Khelifi, Karim
Description: In Quebec’s municipal taxation system, the tax burden is allocated according to the market value of properties. Determining the market values for housing inventories containing tens of thousands of properties is obviously a complex task with enormous implications in terms of the resources required and the quality of the resulting estimates. This article presents PariTOP, a decision-support system that uses mathematical programming in general and goal programming in particular to estimate the market value of large numbers of residential properties. PariTOP is the result of a partnership between the Communaut\'e Urbaine de Qu\'ebec (CUQ), an administrative unit that comprises 12 cities, and Modellium, a Canadian company that develops decision-support systems.
Homepage: http://ideas.repec.org/a/eee/ejores/v133y2001i2p362-376.html
Keywords: goal programming; statistical estimation; property assessment; decision-support systems
Related Software: LINDO; Tabu search; MOAPPS; PAGP; Hyperheuristics
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