swMATH ID: 6811
Software Authors: David G. CHARLTON: G. Montagna, O. Nicrosini, Fulvio Piccinini
Description: WWGENPV 2.0 - A Monte Carlo Event Generator for Four-Fermion Production at e+ e- Colliders. The Monte Carlo program WWGENPV, designed for computing distributions and generating events for four-fermion production in e+e − collisions, is described. The new version, 2.0, includes the full set of the electroweak (EW) tree-level matrix elements for double- and single-W production, initial- and nal-state photonic radiation including pT=pL e ects in the Structure Function formalism, all the relevant non-QED corrections (Coulomb correction, naive QCD, leading EW corrections). An hadronisation interface to JETSET is also provided. The program can be used in a three-fold way: as a Monte Carlo integrator for weighted events, providing predictions for several observables relevant for W physics; as an adaptive integrator, giving predictions for cross sections, energy and invariant mass losses with high numerical precision; as an event generator for unweighted events, both at partonic and hadronic level. In all the branches, the code can provide accurate and fast results
Homepage: http://cds.cern.ch/record/310687/files/9609321.pdf
Keywords: Monte Carlo
Related Software: TAUOLA; HELAC; PHEGAS; KoralW; KorWan; KK; NEXTCALIBUR; CompHep; YFSWW3
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