swMATH ID: 6821
Software Authors: Andreas Hoecker, Peter Speckmayer, Jörg Stelzer, Jan Therhaag, Eckhard von Toerne, Helge Voss
Description: TMVA Toolkit for Multivariate Data Analysis with ROOT. The Toolkit for Multivariate Analysis (TMVA) provides a ROOT-integrated machine learning environment for the processing and parallel evaluation of multivariate classification and regression techniques. TMVA is specifically designed to the needs of high-energy physics (HEP) applications, but should not be restricted to these
Homepage: http://tmva.sourceforge.net/
Dependencies: ROOT
Related Software: ROOT; Scikit; Keras; NumPy; TensorFlow; Python; HIPSTER; RapidSim; GAUDI; NeuroBayes; HEPDrone; Valgrind; xgboost; FastBDT; PYTHIA8; StatPatternRecognition
Cited in: 2 Publications

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